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Ground vacuum cleaner

engine driven


This ground vacuum cleaner is designed to vacuum not only dead leaves lying on the ground but also pine needles, paper, cans and all types of light-weight rubbish. Its two castors make it highly manoeuvrable and it runs easily over tarmac, gravel or turf thanks to its drive wheels with differential and tyres. It can be fitted with various optional accessories like a hose with suction nozzle to reach nook diificult to access.


  • Ø 330 mm turbine with 4 blades
  • 700 x 90 mm wide suction nozzle
  • Rear drive wheels with differential and pneumatic tyres
  • Front wheels have 360° rotation
  • Adjustable vacuum height (6 positions)
  • Safety interlock preventing start-up


Working width (cm) 70
Overall dimension (cm) 144 x 74 x 110
Wheels diameter (mm) 260
Weight (Kg) 76
Capacity (liter) 230
Turbine diameter (mm) 330
Number of blades on turbine 4
Engine brand Briggs & Stratton
Engine power (HP) 6
Engine start Manuel
Sound power (dBA) at 3600rpm 112