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Flail mower for 15 - 40 HP tractors


BMD flail mowers are designed for mowing long grass (up to 50 cm!) and cutting dense undergrowth and light brambles. They are suitable both for demanding private users and professionals needing to maintain large areas. Fitted with retractable Y-shaped flails, the rotor can also be fitted with vertical cutting knives to remove moss and aerate the lawn.They can be fitted with optional side skids and are also available with a rotor equipped with 40 x 5 mm Y-shaped flails mounted on shackles for intensive undergrowth clearance in dense, thick-stemmed brambles.


  • Transmission with 2 belts (BMD100 and 120) or 3 belts (BMD150) with a tension adjustment system
  • Hitch with manual lateral offset as standard
  • Height-adjustable rear roller
  • Cast iron gear box with integrated free wheel
  • Rear anti-projection flap
  • Rotor equipped with 30 x 5 mm Y-shaped flails or 40 x 6 mm Y-shaped flails on shackles (OPTION)


Useful power (hp) 30-40
Working width (cm) 150
Working width (inches) 60
Weight (Kg) 170
Number of knives 88 (44x2)
Knives type Y montés
sur vis
Number of belts 3
Max lateral offset (cm) 18