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Flail mower for 15 - 30 HP tractors

with parallelogram hitch


These flail mowers are designed for low-powered tractors for mowing long grass. They can also be used in light undergrowth thanks to their versatile Y-shaped flails. Their lateral offset position enables them to pass under trees and mow road verges. An optional hydraulic system can be fitted to vary the offset position while moving, making them very versatile to use. In this way, the user can move the mower to avoid obstacles (trees, rocks, posts, etc.) without the tractor having to change course.


  • Height-adjustable rear roller
  • Rotor fitted with Y-shaped knives
  • Hitch with manual lateral offset (5 positions with locking)
  • Gear box with integrated free wheel
  • Belt tension adjustment system with idler roller
  • Rotor equipped with 30 x 6 mm Y-shaped flails


Useful power (hp) 15-25
Working width (cm) 115
Working width (inches) 48
Weight (Kg) 120
Number of knives 44 (22x2)
Knives type Y montés
sur vis
Number of belts 2