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CE homologated trailer

suitable to 352MS / 400MS-E / 400MS


Specially developed for MORGNIEUX leaf vacuums, this trailer has a 500 kg suspended axle and an articulated drawbar to hitch to the rear of all types of vehicle fitted with a coupling ball. It is homologated for use on French and European roads and is equipped with tail lights. It does not require a trailer license or a separate vehicle registration certificate (registration plate of the towing vehicle). As an option it can be fitted with a spare wheel and a ring instead of the ball coupling.


  • Compatible with leaf vacuums in the 352MS, 400MS and 500MS series.
  • Homologated customfit trailer equipped with tail lights
  • Height-adjustable articulated drawbar fitted with a ball coupling and jockey wheel
  • Storage tray


Overall dimension (cm) 260 x 155 x 100
Weight (Kg) 140
PTAC (Kg) 500
Max speed (mph) 87