Dealers area

Trolley with mechanical lifting system (manual lever)

suitable to 352MS / 400MS-E / 400MS


MORGNIEUX leaf vacuums can be equipped with the LQS trolley with lifting system. The user can effortlessly fit the leaf vacuum onto the box dropside without assistance in no time, provided that the ground is stable. This support has an ingenious mechanical system facilitating installation on dropsides with a min/max height of 120 cm to 175 cm. Procedure:1). Attach the support frame to the dropside2). Manoeuvre the leaf vacuum sideways to slide the frame tubes into the trolley rails3). Once assembled, operate the lever and the two hooks lift the trolley. In order to do so they must be aligned with the slots in the rails4). The wheels can then be lifted and locked for transport.5). Proceed in reverse order (step 4 then 3 then 2) to lower the leaf vacuum to the floor before emptying the truck box (without removing the support frame from the dropside).


  • Double frame mounted on silent blocks
  • Battery support
  • Trolley with 4 directional wheels


Width and length (cm) 140 x 70
Wheels diameter (mm) 160
Weight (Kg) 95
Min dropside height (cm) 120
Max dropside height (cm) 175